Best Alternatives for WhatsApp Available To Download

From the moment Facebook bought WhatsApp, clients were promised complete privacy. Look how that turned out. People have started to look for alternatives. We’ve written this article to give you some of the best alternative apps.


This one comes with end-to-end encryption and a cute interface. It’s become popular among all the other apps. It was made by the co-founder of Skype. You’ll need to give them your phone number or simply add your e-mail address to use the app, however, they will not be shared with all the other users. What will be shared is your username.

You can also send timed messages, that will destroy themselves from 5 seconds to 24 hours.


Kik has come with a different reputation, in sense that people now use it for sexting and even drug dealing. Which also means that is very private. It’s a free app and it does not store your phone’s number – you’ll have a username and all the messages are stored in your phone.


This one is the biggest competitor of WhatsApp and it comes with numerous features, like conference calls sitckers and a cute interface. It also uses less data than WhatsApp does when you’re calling someone, and an end-to-end encryption.

There are some features, however, that require access to your contact list and location, but this is optional, you’re not forced to do anything. With this app, you can also set self-destruct timers to delete messages from the services of the app.

Wickr Me

This is probably the best one on this list. It is even used by journalists and leaders of the world who want to keep their personal life personal. It uses your phone number and has numerous features, like stickers and emojis. This app does not store your contacts in its servers, neither metadata and the messages get deleted from your phone if you want to. It’s a permanent decision for you to make.

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