VPN Update: Why Do You Need One in 2019?

In recent years VPNs rose to popularity among internet users. But what exactly is a VPN and why would you need one? Read below to find out!

Why do you need a VPN?

In many cases people enjoy their privacy. When you are shopping for lingerie or a brand new pairs of jeans you will most likely want to try them. While you are in the dressing room, the chances that someone will try to look at you through some way or another are quite low. The situation is quite different when it comes to using the internet.

You may be the sole user of your desktop, laptop or smart device. But your ISP has access to everything you do, along with certain sites that track your cookies. Most uses were surprised when they came in contact with targeted advertising. This usually happens when you a search for a particular product. Later when you are browsing the web, there are chances that you will see ads for the exact product, from a variety of sites.

In other cases malicious attackers will try to access the device in order to gain data credentials and financial information. The risk is considerably higher when you access the internet through a public connection like a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

How does it work?

A personal VPN will encrypt all the data that circulates between your device and the websites or internet services that you use. The data is encrypted before it is sent so even your ISP will only have access to encrypted information.

This will also keep your device secure since the IP is hidden, making it harder to hack or infect. Potential attackers won’t be able to steal valuable information like private emails, bank accounts and valuable documents.

Free or paid?

While there are free VPNs available we advise you to opt for a paid solution. Free VPNs often have limited functionality and a traffic limit in order to encourage you to become a customer. There are several paid solutions that are both secure and accessible.

One of the best VPN solutions that you can use is PureVPN. The service offers a clean and intuitive client, additional privacy options and access to over two thousand servers with hundreds on every continent and compatibility across all your devices. Several subscriptions plans will suit your particular need and promotional prices are available during the holidays.

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