Millions of User Photos Were Recently Exposed Because of a Facebook Bug

After Cambridge Analytica, the famous personal data breach that got Facebook into a lot of trouble, a new scandal shakes this popular social network. Recently, a new bug exposed millions of photos and this created a big fuss among users.

The frustration around this unfortunate event was supported by the fact that ”the victims” are not isolated cases; up to 6.8 million people had most of their photos exposed to public view. The situation got even more serious when Facebook users realised that they hadn’t even posted some of the photos which were exposed because of the bug.

Facebook announced the bug’s presence as soon as they realized that something was wrong

Having the experience of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook didn’t want to take any chances and announced that a software bug caused the millions of photos’ unauthorized exposure. Ironically, the announcement came a day after they bragged about “It’s Your Facebook” pop-up privacy experience.

Facebook representatives added that throughout 12 days from September, a few third-party apps could access more photos than they are supposed to. This situation was caused by the mentioned bug and, next to the affected photos, it also caused trouble for nearly 1,500 apps.

Now, Facebook is willing to do what it takes to make up for the trouble.

According to them, all affected users will be notified as soon as possible. Since it’s not the first time when security breaches interfere with Facebook’s activity, users are starting to lose their confidence. In the attempt to keep other bugs from bothering people, the company started a pop-up privacy quest on December 13th.

It looks like these days all eyes are on the Facebook’s security and privacy team. Everybody is curious to see how things will end in this case.

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