Android Oreo Has Started Rolling Out to Sony TVs

It looks like Sony has finally started to roll out Android Oreo 8 to 2017 and late 2016 Android TVs in the US.

At the moment the rollout takes place only in the US

For now, the Android Oreo 8 rollout only happens in the US. It seems that the owners of the TVs received the update for the first time approximately two weeks ago. All the compatible TVs should be reached in the following weeks to come. When it comes to TVs from Europe, we don’t really have any news from Sony about the rollout.

The new update brings a revamped home screen

The Android Oreo 8 update for TV brings a new look to the home screen, which is more customizable. The revamped home screen is now revolving around channel rows. All apps will now be able to highlight content straight on the home screen. But keep in mind that most of the apps will have to be updated in order to use this new feature.

Which TVs are getting the update

The first TVs that will get the Android Oreo update in the United States are the 2017 Sony Android TVs – the XE series, and late 2016 Sony Android TVs – Z9D, X800D, X750D, X700D. We don’t have any information yet as to when the models from spring 2018 will get the Oreo update. However, Sony has confirmed that the new version of the operating system is coming to these TVs as well. The models from the late 2018 will already have Android Oreo pre-installed.

Are there any issues with the rollout

As far as we know, at the present time there are no problems with the rollout of Android Oreo update for Sony TVs. There are a few users, however, who seem to experience some issues with the latest update, as reported on the forums. Such problems include some playback issues with locally stored 4K files, irregular frame dropping with HD video and lack of audio pass-through after deep sleep. So in case you are using any of these features, you could consider waiting.

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