Pokémon Go PvP Trainer Battles Are Finally Live

We are happy to announce that the PvP Trainer Battles of Pokémon Go, for which everyone was impatiently waiting, are now live. However, it seems that unfortunately there are some problems with the feature.

PvP Trainer Battles launched, but with some issues

For now, players can challenge the Team Leaders in trial battles without any problems. So this part seems to be working fine. But when it comes to the main feature where you need to battle other players, there seem to be some issues. Many people reported experiencing problems through several threads on the game’s Silph Road Reddit.

Battling other players can be done either remotely by using Pokémon Go’s friend list if you are Ultra or Best Friends, or by scanning a QR code – this can be done with anyone. One of the most common problems that users have is a lag that is experienced in battles, which causes either the damage of the Pokémon or the impossibility to attack. One thing that apparently worked to fix this issue for some people is making sure that their phone’s time is set to automatic.

Another issue is with several players not getting the same rewards as their opponent. This also includes valuable Sinnoh Stone evolution items, even though Niantic mentioned before that battle rewards will be identical no matter if you lose or win. Understandably, this only adds to the confusion of players.

We hope the problems will be taken care of soon

The Trainer Battles feature is now available for anyone who is above level 10. Each day you get rewarded for your first Team Leader training battle and also once you win your first three battles against other players. Hopefully, the issues that users have been experiencing lately will be fixed very soon, so that everyone can enjoy the game fully.

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