PUBG PC vs. Mobile: Most Popular Version PROs and CONs

For those of you who don’t know this yet, PUBG comes from PlayerUnKnown’s Battlegrounds. This is an online multiplayer game that became very popular among gamers from the entire world. It’s no wonder, since it is inspired by a movie called ”Battle Royale” and follows a similar scenario.

The game was developed by the PUBG corporation, a member of Bluehole, the famous South Korean video game company. PlayerUnKnown’s Battlegrounds reached the success it has today under a creative director, but it’s also the game’s multiplayer character and interactivity that makes more and more people eager to start playing it.

A popular game comes in both PC and mobile version, so let’s see what are the PROs and CONs for each variant

The PUBG for PC was released in 2017, but the game was officially launched on all platforms in September 2018. A big difference between the two versions is made by price. PUBG can be played on mobile for free, whereas players have to pay to access the PC version.

However, not all free things are good, so you might be disappointed when you see the mobile version’s moderate to mediocre graphics. This is no match for the PC alternative and it’s no wonder because these ”gaming devices” come with graphics cards and top-notch processors. Of course, you’d rather enjoy a smooth and intense gaming experience instead of a second-hand attempt to get into the real action!

Another difference between the two variants is that players who prefer the mobile will have to use a mini-map which is missing in the PC version. This feature helps the gamer plan his/her trip on the island and have a wider perspective on what to do next.

These are only a few mentions, but each version has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can discover each of them if you start playing this interactive multiplayer game.

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