Samsung Galaxy S9 is About to Receive a New Beta Version of Android Pie With New Features

We know that 2019 will be very intense for Samsung. The South Korean tech giant is getting ready to launch an amazing smartphone that will open the way for other innovative devices: Galaxy S10, the first foldable phone, updated versions of successful devices and more.

Until we get to see these outstanding gadgets, let’s look at one of Samsung’s most recent launch – the Galaxy S9. It looks like things didn’t go as planned with this device, so now the company is looking for ways to improve it.

The time for releasing one of the most expected smartphones from Samsung’s history is rapidly approaching, so what could the South Koreans do to give Galaxy S9 a boost? Maybe update its OS by rolling out a new Android 9 Pie beta update, but only from the devices within the US.

The update comes with many improvements

The new Android 9 Pie beta update can run on Galaxy S9 and S9+. It will only be available in the US and, although is not as large as the one released in November, it comes with a lot of positive changes and bug fixes. In addition, it has the December security patch, so you don’t have to worry about safety if you download the update.

The new Android Pie version can be downloaded as part of the beta program currently under development in the US. Users who are part of this program will receive a notification and will be asked to install the update on their devices.

The software needs 589 MB for proper installation and functionality. Developers are counting on the testers’ feedback for completing the Android 9 Pie update and are planning to send it to all S9 and S9+ in January 2019.

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