Mobile Security Software: The 2018 Global Market 

Mobile Security Software is about the protection of smart devices from viruses, unauthorized malware access, spyware, theft of data and hacker attacks. Also, online identity theft, even accidental loss. It also has the feature to block unwanted calls and messages and can also detect and delete the dangerous apps that threaten your privacy. Some of the smartphones come with mobile security applications. Let’s take a clear example: iPhone, that comes with a default auto-lock feature, that asks its owner to enter a password if the device hasn’t been active in some minutes.

You’ll need an MSS every day when you use your phone for different purposes

Nowadays, you don’t use your phone only to call someone; you use it for many reasons, which means that they get exposed to both online and offline threats, so you’ll need an MSS every day. This market is supposed to see a lot of growing in the next years, with many more people to start using and increasing awareness for the importance of mobile security.

Mobile Security Software

The global market is valued at a huge amount of dollars (in 2017), and it’s expected to do even more by the end of 2023.

The reports study the status of the Mobile Security Software market and take a look at the major regions around the globe, from the point of view of countries, players, industries and product types.

What countries we’re talking about?

We’re talking about regions that cover North America, Europe (with UK, Italy, Germany, Russia and France), South America (with Colombia, Brazil and Argentina), Asia-Pacific (with Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and India), and Middle East and Africa (with UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Nigeria)

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