Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Will Come With an In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Based on a new patent that was filed by Samsung and which was noticed by Patently Apple, the South Korean company seems to have plans to include an in-display fingerprint sensor in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. This new technology will allow those who own such gadgets to authenticate their identity by touching the glass display of the wearable. This sensor will also be included in Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, which are expected to launch in February 2019.

How does the fingerprint sensor work

It looks like the fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the smartwatch display’s lower half. Similarly to how it is with handsets, the fingerprint scanner will probably be used to unlock the watch, get access to various applications, such as banking apps, and for making contactless payments.

How does the current smartwatch work

At the present time, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Watch need to create a four-digit PIN so that they can use contactless payments via NFC. If a person enters the PIN code incorrectly 10 times, then all the debit or credit cards in their Samsung Pay account will be removed. This is just a security measure to ensure that the owner is protected against fraud.

The fingerprint sensor will provide more security than the PIN

Replacing the current option of having to use a PIN with that of a fingerprint sensor is definitely going to be a huge improvement, as the owners of Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will have more security on their gadgets. This new change also means that users of both wearables and the latest Samsung smartphones will have the same experience, since they will be able to use their fingerprint in order to authenticate payments on these devices. Those who plan to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Watch in the future must be glad to hear such news.

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