Podcast Chapters Brought to the Apple Watch by Outcast

We’ve just had an announcement that Outcast is bringing podcast chapters on the Apple Watch, so this is quite exciting news. We all know that Outcast was one of those first players for podcasts that were able to give users of watchOS a good experience. There is also a Podcasts app that Apple brought to watchOS 5, however, its users do not have the possibility to skip between chapters.

Outcast version 3.1 brings chapter support

According to the recent news, thanks to the newest update to Outcast, its users will be able to see the list of chapters for the episodes that were downloaded straight on their Apple Watch, which is a great announcement for anyone who is using this device from Apple. Once a user plays an episode, they will have the option to easily tap through the details of the episode and, as long as their version will support chapters, they will see the list of chapters. They can then tap a chapter in order to see more information. Also, if users want to start the playback right from the beginning of a chapter, all they need to do is to tap its play button.

What else we need to know about the newest update to Outcast

Some other new things that were added to the latest version of Outcast are:

  • Swedish translation
  • Improvements to the way the playback progress is tracked
  • Performance improvements for the iPhone app
  • An issue with saving passwords on subscription podcasts was fixed
  • A problem with detecting certain password-protected podcasts was also fixed

Outcast 3.1 available on the App store

Since the Podcasts app from Apple does not have the chapter support feature at the present time, Outcast is definitely worth giving it a try. If you enjoy playing podcasts on your Apple Watch and you think about using Outcast, you can find it on the App Store, where it can be purchased for only 99¢.

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