Best Camera Apps Available to Download For Android Users

Nowadays investing in a camera is no longer necessary since smartphones have become better and better for the needs of photography users. For those who want to take things even further, installing a camera app can be a great improvement. Here are some of the best Android options.

Adobe Photoshop

This one is a classic and it should not miss from anyone’s phone. You can create incredible images using the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC camera app. It allows you to capture an image and then edit it. It has DNG Raw format and HDR range mode. When you are done you can easily share the final product with your friends. Additionally, Adobe Creative Cloud can be used to back up your images.


VSCO is one of the most popular applications for photography enthusiasts. This application offers advanced camera controls so you can take the best shots. There are numerous presets available for free, and upgrading to the VSCO X membership will allow you to access more than 100 other VSCO presets.

YouCam Perfect

Those who enjoy taking selfies will definitely love this application. YouCam Perfect helps you achieve a perfect look and it comes with real-time beauty effects. Your face will look flawless in every image and you can also edit the pictures using the toolkit available.

Candy Camera

This app is similar to the previous one, and it is an amazing tool for selfies. There are numerous filters available and you can use its tools to correct small imperfections. You  can add lipstick, conceal flaws, add stickers and more.


Instasize was originally designed for Instagram users, but anyone can use it. The app comes with powerful editing tools and you can also crop and frame your images any way you want to.

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