Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Available to Download with New Villages and Infinite Worlds

Minecraft has become a giant and the game is available on multiple platforms. The PC version was released nine years ago, back on May 17 2009. Two years after that, in October 2011, the Android version was launched, and in November the full version was released. The iOS versions also came out in November 2011. The game did not stop there, and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions were launched in 2013 and 2014.

Minecraft is one of the most creative games out there, and it has plenty of modes available. For example, players are allowed to create their own world, with no restrictions. One of the reasons for Minecraft’s big success is the fact that it continues to improve itself constantly. New updates are released from time to time, and they bring several improvements and new additions.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK update

Minecraft Pocket Edition has received another APK update, version This app is available on any device, once you pay for it once. The game comes with mobs, villages, WiFi network, infinite worlds, and many other features.

The APK update comes with No damage mod, unlimited breath, max inventory size, max score, indestructible tools, unlocked premium skins, unlocked premium textures and one hit kill with weapons. If you play Minecraft Pocket Edition make sure that you install the update as soon as you can so you can try out all the new features. An APK update means that it is only available for Android devices.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition comes with Survival and Creative modes. The creative mode allows players to build things however they want, while the survival mode is used to build safe houses for their resources and gather as many resources as possible.

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