Top Streaming Players Available in 2019

Television is slowly being replaced by the Internet. Therefore, streaming has become increasingly important for those who want to watch their favourite TV show or movies online. There are numerous streaming players available, but we have selected the best ones that can be used in 2019.

While all the players we have listed below are powerful and offer plenty of useful features, you have to remember that the best streaming player is the one that works best for you. Therefore, you need to decide what you want from a player and make a choice based on that.

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon empire continues to grow every day, and when it comes to streaming, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a reliable product. The best part about it is that it works perfectly with any other brands. You will also appreciate that it comes with Alexa integration.


Google also has its streaming player. This tool fits perfectly in the Android ecosystem. If you choose Chromecast, you won’t even need a remote since you can use voice control with Google Home in order to change the volume or the channel. You can also receive movies and shows suggestions from Google.

Apple TV 4K

This is definitely the best choice for Apple users, because Apple devices work perfectly together. If you own an iPhone, you will be able to control TV streaming right from it and you also have the option to Airplay to your TV. The fact that it is 4K is another advantage, since you receive the best quality available.

The Roku Streaming Stick+

This streaming player is not too expensive (at just $50), and you can rely on it. The device offers 4K HDR and it supports services such as Netflix and Hulu.

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