Apple Might Create a Chromecast-style TV Dongle for an Upcoming Streaming Service

We’ve recently learned that Apple is thinking about creating a low cost TV dongle, which apparently would be quite similar to the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire Stick.

What do we know so far

Based on what was mentioned until now by Apple, it seems that the product that the company considers introducing on the market would have a lower price than the Apple TV and it could be plugged into a television set’s back. We’ve heard that the tech giant is planning on creating this hardware device in order to promote an upcoming streaming service, on which it is currently working. The lower-cost TV dongle that Apple wants to create would make the service more reachable to possible buyers in the future. The service will be available on Apple devices only.

A new streaming service might be rolled out in 2019

At the present time, the only television product that Apple has is the Apple TV, which comes in two versions. The first one, the Apple TV 4K, can be purchased for $179, while the other one, the non-4K version, can be bought for $149. Compared to these, present-day TV dongles from Amazon and Google have much lower prices, from $25 to $35. According to some rumors, it appears that Apple may launch a streaming service in 2019, maybe around March. The service is expected to launch in more than 100 countries next year.

Also, from what we know at the moment, the streaming service may be offered by Apple either bundled up with Apple Music or with an Apple News subscription, or as a separate product. It has been suggested that original television content created by Apple would be offered for free to users of iPads, iPhones and the Apple TV through the TV app. The company is also negotiating some deals that will allow people to have access to channels such as STARZ and HBO.

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