Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors – What We’ve Heard So Far

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be released in a couple of months and we just cannot wait to find out more about this new phone from the South Korean company. We’ve just come across some rumors from the reliable source SamMobile, so let’s take a look at what’s new. Don’t forget, though, that we are still quite far from the launch of Galaxy S10, so we cannot know yet whether we should trust these rumors or not.

In-display fingerprint sensor and four different colors

Based on what we know from SamMobile, the new smartphone from Samsung will come in four different colors: white, black, green and yellow. We can easily see that the company chose two very uncommon colors: yellow and green. These two color variants will most probably not be available in all areas and also we can already assume that some of these four colors will not be ready on the launch day.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is also expected to have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which will be located underneath the display. According to SamMobile, probably only two of the S10 models will have this new technology, namely Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. When it comes to the cheaper version of the S10, known under the codename “Beyond 0”, it will most likely not feature the fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 may also come in a 5G support version

We also anticipate that Galaxy S10 will come in a 5G variant. Nevertheless, the new rumors indicate that the new Samsung model that is supposed to support 5G will not be available next year in February. It has been suggested that this 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched at a similar time with Samsung Galaxy F, the foldable phone that everyone is impatiently waiting for. We don’t know yet what that launch date is, but it could be around a month after Galaxy S10’s launch.

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