Don’t Let Cybercriminals Ruin Black Friday

Cybercriminals around the world are upping their game this Black Friday to steal all your hard-earned money. It’s time for you to up your privacy game and beat the criminals.

It’s time to celebrate and shop! There are just a few days to go for the grand sales and amazing discounts to hit stores across the globe. It’s the time of the year when everyone wants to buy gifts for their loved ones, or wants to get their hands on the things they wanted to have for so long, but couldn’t due to shiny price tags.

Black Friday is coming, and products you love will be available on discounted prices throughout the weekend. But did you know that if you don’t take your cybersecurity seriously this Black Friday, cyber criminals can ruin the grand day for you by taking control of your devices and accounts, and stealing all your hard-earned money.

How Can Cyber Criminals hit you on Black Friday

Everyone wants to get their hands on the best deals they can find. Most people do that by browsing countless e-commerce websites, searching for their products on Google, or by clicking ads that’s appear on webpages when you are browsing through stuff.

While there is nothing wrong with trying to get good discounts, this pursuit can lead you to end up in the wrong hands, if not done with proper precautions. Cyber criminals love to make malicious ads, disguise them, and put them up on different websites.

Why People Click on Malicious Ads

The answer is simple, they are attractive. They claim to offer unimaginable discounts, such as 80% off, or buy 1 get 2 free; things which are too good to be true. But it’s difficult for an ordinary user to hold his horses and think logically about the ad. Is it actually a legit ad for a discount that is actually being offered? Or is it a ploy by a cybercriminal who is waiting for someone to fall for it?

What Happens when you click a Malicious Popup Ad?

If you do that, you will probably end up compromising your privacy and security. When you click a malicious ad or a link, you basically give the control of your entire digital life in the hands of the cybercriminal. Everything that’s present on your device can get instantly copied, deleted, or in some cases, edited too. Moreover, cybercriminals may even gain control to remotely access your microphone and camera on your smart devices. This allows them to see and hear you at all times.

How to Stay Safe? Get PureVPN

PureVPN is the best cybersecurity tool to keep you protected on Black Friday and beyond. It provides you with great cybersecurity features, such as secure VPN servers, anonymous IPs, split tunneling, and more. The VPN secures the data of the user from getting into the wrong hands, thanks to its military-grade encryption.

It has more than 2,000 servers optimized not only for cybersecurity but also for VoIP, gaming and streaming, to name a few. It has dedicated apps for all popular platforms and OS, making it extremely easy to use, and equally effective in keeping you safe against all online malice. So, keep yourself and your loved ones safe with PureVPN’s amazing Black Friday VPN deal. They have an amazing discount of 88% on 5 Year plan.

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