KineMaster Pro APK Unlocked Version

If you like to edit videos, then the many interesting features of the KineMaster Pro APK unlocked version can definitely help you with that. Luckily, these days anyone who has a smartphone can become an amateur video editor, as long as they have the right program installed on their device. Since video editing is no longer limited to software that can only be installed on computers, pretty much every person who owns a phone can edit their videos with ease.

What you need to know about KineMaster Pro APK unlocked version

This professional video editing app can be used by those who use an Android device and it supports multi-layer videos, as well as images and text that has state of art cutting and trimming. The good part about this app is that it allows you to have multiple track audio, 3D and volume enabled without being bothered by any watermark.

What are the features of KineMaster Pro APK Unlocked?

Here are some of the features that this video editing app has:

  • brightness, contrast and hue
  • no watermark
  • multi-layer videos, pictures and text
  • transition effect
  • instant preview anytime you want
  • handwriting video clips
  • frame to frame editing mode
  • video speed control
  • automatic optimization of videos that are not supported
  • splicing and slicing
  • a great variety of animations and themes
  • chroma keys features

You should also know that sometimes KineMaster Pro APK unlocked is not able to run on some phones. Most commonly, the reason for this is that the background data is in fact enabled by default OS. But don’t be worried about it, because in case you encounter this problem, all you have to do is to go to settings and stop the background data of the KineMaster app.

So you just need to open the settings, then access data usage. After you do this, you will see the app wise data usage and you have to select KineMaster pro app. Afterwards, you just need to choose restrictions background data usage. After this, the video editor APK should run smoothly.

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