Apple Attempts to Attract Qualcomm Employees with Its New Job Openings in San Diego

It has been two years already since Apple and Qualcomm started their intense dispute and now the former seems to target employees of the latter by listing new jobs that could potentially attract some of the best chip engineers in a totally unexpected place.

New chip-making positions available in San Diego

According to Bloomberg, 10 new job listings have been opened in San Diego by Apple earlier this month. The interesting thing is that this is the first time Apple searches for chip engineers in the city in which Qualcomm is based. These new job listings seem to suggest that the phone-making company might soon open its regional office in San Diego with the goal of developing Apple’s own chips.

Apple has made similar moves in the past

The situation where one company attempts to hire employees working for its high-profile rival is nothing new. The motive behind these job listings is quite obvious, as Apple has already opened its regional offices in locations where AMD and Intel operate, in order to hire some of their chip engineers. This proves that Apple, while it designs its own chips, might want to challenge the best chip-making companies in this rapidly growing market.

Apple dropped Qualcomm for Intel

It is important to note that Apple decided that it will not use Qualcomm’s modems for the latest iPhones, opting for Intel instead. Since Intel has always had some problems with modem performance, Qualcomm suggests in its recent lawsuit that this company, together with Apple, used illegal means to reach Qualcomm’s level. The fact that Apple targets its rival now is not a coincidence, especially since the job listings specify 5G, LTE, AI and Bluetooth technologies, amongst others. It looks like we might soon see a rivalry between these two that is even more hostile.

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