Google Contacts 3.2 Will Now Adopt a Dark Theme to Preserve Battery Life

One week ago, Google announced that apps will now use dark themes in order to extend battery life. The company has been focusing on updating its communication apps for quite some time, providing Google Phone with a dark theme. Now it is time for Google Contacts.

The dark theme is available with Google Contacts 3.2

The latest Google Contacts 3.2 update is now available through a switch, which can be found in the navigation drawer. Once our device is updated, we might need to perform a force close to see “Turn dark theme on” right above Settings.

Some advices for Pixel users

It is important for Pixel users to know that, in case their devices run Android 9 Pie, Google Contacts is aware when the “Dark theme” is switched on in the device settings. We need to note that we do not talk about the “Device theme” that can be found in the display settings of the Pixel Launcher, but rather about the developer option that allows us to “Set Night mode” and choose between automatic, always off and always on. When the latter is selected, the theme cannot be switched off in Google Contacts, as it is applied automatically at the moment of the launch.

The dark theme can be also found in Messages

When it comes to Messages, the dark theme is called “dark mode” inside of the app, so the same as it is in the case of Google Phone. Still, both Google Contacts and Messages have a dark grey hue, not an AMOLED black. Since these two apps have the same function, they also share a shade of blue that can be found in the main contact list, search, settings and create contact screen.

The latest Google Contacts 3.2 is available in the Play Store.

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