PS5 Is Hottest Online Rumor So Far

The hottest online rumor claims that the PS5 could be formally announced soon after 2019 starts.

It was also believed that the next Xbox could also be announced during the Microsoft XO18 event but no hint was offered as the Redmond company focused on the current generation.

Analysts believe that the two console manufacturers are working on new models but it seems that there is still a lot to do before they decide to usher in the next generation.

During an investors conference, EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted that it is too early to talk about a new generations of consoles. The publisher plans to continue its collaboration with Microsoft, Nintendo and PlayStation for many years to come. He also stated that cloud gaming is a major focus and EA is confident that the fledgling technology will be used in the future.

Some sources believe that the PS5 could be launched in 2019 while some analysts believe that Sony will share some news before 2019 will end. The PS4 and PS4 Pro are quite a hit since over 86 million units have been sold and the number will certainly grow in the future as the console will become more affordable.

As the console is approaching the end of its lifecycle people are already anticipating the future model. The Japanese manufacturer has already admitted that a new model is in development. The competition is not sleeping as Microsoft may have started to work on the Xbox Two (currently known as Xbox Scarlett).

Bleeding edge

Several analysts believe that the PS5 will be able to render games at 4K@60FPS.  4K may become the standard resolution and it is also thought that Sony plans to offer support for 8K TVs. Compatibility with previous generation could also be added since PS4 users aren’t too keen on buying HD versions of games that they already own. Sony is also exploring virtual reality since PS VR was successful.

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