Is TubeMate Legal to Download on Your Smartphone?

There are many issues with TubeMate that people know about. Among those, there’s the legal issue: is TubeMate legal at all? Can you download the app to use in on your smartphone? However, people are worried about how to get to use the app.

Can you download videos from YouTube?

There’s one problem when it comes to TubeMate: can you really download videos from YouTube? Google owns the site – that’s something we all know – and it does not approve this. So TubeMate was actually banned from Google Play Store.

If you’re a fan, however, then you need to know that TubeMate is finally here. But there’s one teeny tiny thing: if you do download something from the site, you might be subject for copyright infringement.

Many irregularities

The fact that you can get and use this app so easily it’s what made it so popular everywhere around the globe. However, this does not mean that you can download any kind of video that you want to use it for your own advantage. Let’s take a clear example: you download a video, and then distribute it online illegally, in the market.

It was banned from The Play Store

The main feature of the app is represented by the fact that you can download videos from many popular sites, including YouTube, saving them into your mobile phone. It’s not even asking you to watch it before you download it. So, Google was pretty mad about it, and banned the app from The Play Store. They wanted to make sure that the app will not be available for illegal activities.

Save the videos to watch them online later

YouTube, being a good guy, allowed users to download videos in order to watch them later offline. So, the move made by Google – to ban the app – will only make users love YouTube even more.

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