Apple Airpods 2: When Do We Get to Enjoy Them?

It’s true, we may not *love* the look the AirPods have, but they are the best devices on the market (from the last few years, really), so we think we’re good. They don’t have any wires. They have a compact charging case. They have seamless connection and they’re used as an earpiece. They’re the best for calls. However, there’s only one problem: it’s very easy to misplace them. There’s the “AirPod fear” – that mini heart attack when you look for them in the pocket and you cannot find them. There are many pieces of evidence that show that AirPods are very good when it comes to sales stakes. They represented the 85% of the wireless headphone market in the first half of the 2017.

AirPods are out of stock in many countries from Europe since Autumn, but the new version of them was actually now announced together with the new iPad Pro. They’re still in stock in the UK; however, if you take a look on the internet, you’d see that it still shows they’re available from all the important retailers. So we ask if there’s still a possibility to get the two new AirPod versions. We thought we were going to get them together with the AirPower changing mat on the 12th of September. However, that did not happen.

Is AirPower important for iPods?

The answer is yes, as the AirPower mat is compatible with AirPod. There were some images on the internet that showed a brand new AirPod case, that’s wireless charging-compatible. However, there’s one problem: AirPower is nowhere to be found and there are some people that say it won’t ever happen, because there are overheating problems that Apple just couldn’t solve. The case should be able to work with any Qi-compatible wireless charger.

For the beta version of iOS 12, the images showed AirPods case that has a status indicator light, but the new AirPods were not to come together with iOS 12 or iOS 12.1. Some of those images show the dot, that’s brown, some others show the dot, that’s green. The old case doesn’t have a light on the exterior, but it does have an internal status light.

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