Gmail Tips – Create, Login and Recover Your Account

How to sign and log in on Gmail
Gmail is one of the most used applications for sending documents and messages in the safest way possible. The emails sent or received can be up to 50 MB’s in size and the app comes with 15 GB of free storage for each user. Files from Google Drive can be inserted as well in the message.
Here are the easiest steps to create a Gmail Account:
1. Open website or Gmail Application
2. Click on Create Account tab
3. A window where you have to fill up with your personal information will be opened, the Signup form
4. Accept the terms and privacy policy of Google
5. Then click on the Next tab
6. Go through the phone and contact details verifications
7. And finally you have a new Gmail account.
3 easy steps to sign in on Gmail:
1. Open website or Gmail Application
2. Write your existing account username and password
3. Click on login button
How to recover a Gmail Account:
1. Open Google’s Account Recovery page.
2. Select “I don’t know my password” option.
3. Then enter your Gmail address.
4. Request verification code if you have linked your phone number during account registration.
5. If you did not give your phone number then you can just answer the security questions under “Verify your identity” tab.

In the case you forgot your email, password, username, phone number or security question; you have to check your web browser history for Inbox or Gmail to check your address. If you find anything type the text before “@” will be your username.
There is another method to recover your account. You can manually verify your identity then go on Google Account Recovery and enter your email address. Then select “I don’t know” option and then click on “Verify your identity” option.
For the users of G Suite or Google Apps it is very easy to recover information. Just send a mail to their administrators and their service provider will reset the password.

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