Google Introduces Its New Feature Called Discover

One month ago, Google stated that it is working on some additions to its main product, Search. One of the features, an improved version of the Google Feed, which from now on will be called Discover, has just started rolling out in the U.S. on mobile devices that run either iOS or Android.

The new feature resembles one from the Google app

Once user opens Google’s homepage (, in a browser on mobile devices, a feed of cards appears right below the search box, in exactly the same way it happens in the Google app for iOS and Android. Discover uses the search history and preferences in order to personalize these cards, the majority of which are related to news, sports and entertainment. Every single one of them includes the name of the article, a short summary, the date when it was published, a cover picture and the website from which the article was taken.

We can decide on the content we see

All related articles can be accessed by selecting a topic header, which on every card is placed next to a Discover star icon. In the top right corner, we can find the menu that allows us to dismiss the article or subject we are not interested in and stop it from showing in the Discover feed in the future. An option located in the bottom right corner, however, can be used to determine whether we want for a certain content to be more or less present in the feed.

Availability of the feature

The newly introduced Discover feed can be accessed on any device that runs iOS or Android, and through any mobile browser, including the most popular Chrome and Safari. At the present moment, we do not know when this feature will become available outside of the U.S., but we shouldn’t have to wait long for that to happen.

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