Zip Data-loss Bug on Windows 10 1809 Update Could Have Been Fixed Much Earlier

The controversial Windows 10 version 1809 update has been a subject of criticism, as a bug that deletes data wasn’t spotted by Microsoft during the testing. Now it looks like the company missed another bug that affects the built-in zip tool, which might lead to the loss of files.

An important dialogue is missing

As some users reported on Reddit, the 1809 update of Windows 10 has another nasty bug in the form of the missing dialogue “Do you want to replace these files”, which should appear when we copy a file from a zip archive to a folder that already has a file with the same name in it. As far as we know, the issue affects only the built-in zip tool that Windows File Explorer uses, while third-party zip software is not affected by this bug.

This dialogue is extremely important in case we want to transfer multiple files, as it allows us to decide if we want to replace the file, skip its replacing or compare two files before we choose what to do next. So, when the dialogue is missing, we might accidentally overwrite files that are not identical.

The fix is on its way

BleepingComputer reported that the issue was fixed in the Windows 10 19H1 preview in build 18234, launched on September 6th. This means that we might soon get this fix for Windows 10 1809.

This bug, as it was also the case with the data-loss issue, was spotted way before the rollout of Windows 10 1809. It was reported three months ago by Jacob Klein, who used the Feedback Hub to do so. However, since then his feedback has received only four UpVotes, being totally ignored by Microsoft.

All we might hope for is that the guys responsible for Windows 10 will learn from their mistakes, so that all bugs can be spotted before it is too late.

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