Motorola’s Official Repair Kits Can Be Bought from iFixit

Unofficial repairs are something that a great majority of tech companies do not support. However, there is an exception from this rule, Motorola, which in many different situations encourages its customers to fix their devices by themselves. As the very first major mobile device maker, Lenovo made a decision to supply parts to iFixit, thanks to which everyone can now get official Motorola repair kits from them. So, if the screen of your Moto Z Play cracked and you want to replace it, or if your Droid Turbo 2 requires a brand new battery, you can have all the necessary tools and parts at home, so that you can repair your device by yourself.

The price depends on the phone model and the type of repair

When it comes to the cost of purchasing a DIY repair kit, it is determined by the model of a phone and the kind of repair that has to be done. So, the simple process of changing a battery for Moto X would cost at least $35. For more complicated reparations, such as replacing the screens on Moto Z Force and Droid Turbo 2, we might have to pay up to $200.

A great option to have once warranty is expired

It goes without saying that most users would choose to send their devices straight to Motorola during the warranty period, especially since no repair kits are currently available for the most recent Motorola phones. However, once the warranty period is over, most phone owners are forced to either visit an officially approved repair shop or to search for the solution by themselves. So, maybe another way that the phone makers could choose would be to simply allow the users to fix their own devices by supplying them with official parts.

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