iOS 12.0.1 Update Comes with New Signal Connectivity Issues

Apple seems to be causing more problems to IPhones with their iOS version 12.0.1. Costumers encounter problems with the battery life, network, calls and signal connectivity issues. The new iOS version is supposed to fix the charging, Bluetooth and subtitles bugs, but instead the devices do not make or receive calls, iMessages are delivered to wrong contacts. It just simply does not have the efficiency and speed that it promised.

“Apple has been telling users that iMessage accidentally sending messages to wrong people is actually a feature for iOS 12 and that it is happening because Apple is now organizing all contacts by Apple ID, so if family members or friends share an ID now all these messages are shared simultaneously with everyone who has that ID,” Forbes reported.

The Apple Company also released an update for WatchOS 5 which is reported to have issues with charging and stability. Some users reported that in order to repair the watch, they had to go to Apple authorized service center. The repair of the hardware is way too expensive and Apple also is virtually paralyzing the device if the parts were replaced in unauthorized service.

A leak from an internal Apple sources explains that they are able to virtually paralyzing the device with the help of the new T2 chipset, which is already installed in the MacBook Pro and iMac Pros and the company also uses proprietary diagnostic software. This software can detect if the device has parts that are unauthorized or if it has been repaired at another service.

The new T2 chips are dynamic and components such as system management controller, image signal processor, and audio controller and SSD controller can be integrated.

Inoperative System

It is also reported that the device can unable messages such as ‘inoperative system’ and an ‘incomplete repair’ after a third part intervention.

The display, logic board, keyboard, Touch ID, battery, and speakers will benefit of this T2 chipset or software. But Apple goes further with the restrictions and iMac Pro’ flash storage and logic boards will be completely blocked if they are repaired by a third part.

This is a bold and smart move for Apple, as it takes control over all its products.

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