Amazon employees allegedly sold confidential customer data

Amazon opened an internal investigation following allegations that its employees sold personal information from customers and removed negative product reviews in exchange for bribes.

Amazon says it is conducting a comprehensive investigation into these allegations uncovered by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

According to the newspaper, personal information offered by employees was used to give a competitive advantage to independent sellers.

As for the removal of negative reviews, employees would allow poor quality articles to thwart Amazon’s algorithms and remain competitive with better products.

The employees involved reportedly received between $80 and $2,000 in bribes in exchange for the information or actions requested. They also offered to restore access to banned accounts.

These fraudulent practices are particularly prevalent in China, says the WSJ.

“We have a policy of zero tolerance about the abuse of our systems, and if we find malicious actors who have adopted this bad behavior, we will take quick action against them, up to the deletion of their accounts. sellers and their advice, withholding funds and lawsuits, “said an Amazon spokesperson at CNN.

Amazon has been investigating the allegations since last May.

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