Sea Lion Disentangled from Braided Net

Officials from the MMRC (Marine Mammal Rescue Center) were sent to Vancouver Island recently to rescue a sea lion trapped in a fisherman’s net. The braided net was wrapped around the animal, restricting movement of sea lion’s flippers.

Powerful images of the rescue were displayed by the aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

A second sea lion was seen in Fanny Bay with wire tangled around its neck, but rescuers have this far been unable to find it. It is hoped that officials will be able to locate the animal during their next trip to the east coast.

The rescue team has saved over 300 sea lions from certain death after the animals became tangled up in garbage.

The Aquarium has invented an develop an effective combination of drugs and protocols to safely inject sea lions and disentangle them from debris.

It is not the first time the MMRC has rescued a sea lion trapped in debris. In 2011, a California sea lion was returned to his former state of well-being when after researchers found the animal with a stomach full of fishing line and a hook stuck in his throat.

The program began after a research study determined that over 400 such incidents were reported in a five-year time frame.

The predicament of the Bay sea lions should help all of us remember to stop throwing debris into the waters.

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