Google Fi subscribers unable to use Gmail for calls, issue officially acknowledged

Google Fi is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) service that was launched way back in 2015 as Project Fi. The service is currently limited to US residents only and provides telephone calls, mobile broadband, SMS, and Wi-Fi.

Google Fi offers a lot of amazing plans and the service is available for devices including the Pixel series, iPhone 5S, and many more. The MVNO service is primarily used for calling and many Google Fi users make calls from Gmail.

However, Google Fi subscribers have been facing an issue where incoming and outgoing Gmail calls are not getting connected. Many users have been facing the same problem for some time now and it is unclear whether it is related to the service or not.


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I have a Gmail account, google voice, and google fi service. Google Fi is linked to Google Voice (Same number). I used to be able to make a call from Gmail by going to the bottom left corner and click on “Make a phone call via Google Fi” (see attached image). Now, I can make a call (first time). Once I finish a call, I can no longer make another call until are reload the page. Bug, I think. It was working before.

When I make a call an outgoing in gmail, it just rings forever for me, even when the other party answers. I have confirmed this by calling my other phone and also calling my wife. So, whenever I make call, when they answer, they just hear nothing, and I hear a ring tone forever.

When there is an incoming call, when I answer in gmail, the ringing stops on their side, but there is no audio. They cannot hear me, I cannot hear them.

I have tried clearing my cache, changing the settings, incognito browser and restarting my computer. I have tried firefox and chrome. I have also tried making and receiving calls from, always have the same issue.

A Google Platinum Product Expert has mentioned that it is a known issue and not much information is available at the time. This means that Google Fi users will have to make do with alternate calling means for the time being. Here’s the comment from the Google expert:

Known issue. Google is working on it. There is no further information at this time.


Also, a user recently posted that the issue is now fixed and the Gmail calls are now working for them. Nevertheless, the information did not come from an official source. So, it is still unclear whether the issue is indeed resolved or not.


I decided to test again this morning and it appears to be fixed. THANKS GOOGLE !!!

Meanwhile, if you are a Google Fi subscriber, feel free to drop a comment below and let us know whether or not your able to use Gmail for calling.

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