Aladdin 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot of the Series, And Everything You Need to Know !!!

Aladdin 2 is also known as Aladin, The Return of Jafar.

It is an American television series based on comedy, drama, and action thriller with adventurous stories.

But, Alan Zaslove and Tad Stones are the co-producer of the Aladin television series.

It consists of many staring actors that appear in the first season of Aladin such as

Jason Alexander, Jonathan Freeman, Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Dan Castellaneta and Gilbert Gottfried.

It includes production companies such as The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Television Animation.

But, Walt Disney Home Video distributed the series.

Most importantly, the series received much positive response from the audiences and broke the record of 300 million dollars.

And they are known as best selling film in those days.

The plot of the Aladdin series

The story revolves around the Aladdin and Abu.

Are they settled in the palace with Princess Jasmine and her father?

But, Aladin stealing their loot and returning it to the poor people of Agrabah.

After that, there will presence of Jafar as the villain of the series.

The story begins after coming to the Jafar in the villain character.

The second season will expect to answer all the remaining previous seasons that are left.

But, it will expect the new season to come out and became more popular with an exciting adventure story.

Aladin 2: what will in The Cast?

Most of the cast will expect to reappear in the second season.

It includes

Scott Weinger played the main character as Aladdin,

Linda Larkin acts as Princess Jasmine,

Jonathan Freeman acts as Jafar,

Jason Alexander acts as Abis Mal,

Gilbert Gottfried acts as Iago.

And Dan Castellaneta acts as Genie,

Jim Cummings acts as Razoul,

Frank Welker acts as Abu and Rajah,

Val Bettin acts as the Sultan,

And many others.

Release date of the Aladin season 2

The previous series became a top-rated show, and Disney announced to release the second season as soon.

But, it will expect to release after 2020.

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