Hocus Pocus 2: here are all the details regarding release date and plot

Hocus Focus Season 2

Sanderson sisters, yes you have heard it right. Sanderson sisters are going to some back to us shortly. I hope that it must have filled your hearts with joy and excitement.

It has been confirmed that the Hocus pocus 2 is going to release.

Many of us might have seen the movie Hocus pocus 2, which was released in 1993. It was a very good movie with a combination of both horror and comedy.

We all might have seen great horror movies in our life. But a few of us only have seen the combination of both horrors as well as comedy. It is a rare combination that we have watched in this movie.


The news is here that it is going to be based on the previously released movie only. So the plot is going to be very much similar with some twists and turn.

The plot of the earlier movie was that of three witches who used to make us smile with their actions. Then a boy came into their life and he fired their house. Well, what happened at the end is something that you must watch on your own. Otherwise, it will spoil all the fun and joy of watching the movie.

Well, the Hocus pocus 2 is going to be based on that only but firstly, we can watch the original one in the lockdown then go for the second one after it’s release, whether something new is there for us or not.


We can expect the original stars to return back. Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Bette Midler, we can expect all of them to come back for our entertainment.


Earlier, the release date was planned for 2020 only. But now the release is going to be delayed due to the novel coronavirus. Maybe some miracle happens and we see it in 2020 only but due to the circumstances, the probability is higher for 2021 only. Maybe it gets a release in early 2021.

So what is there for us in the bag by the writers and directors is something that is going to be revealed with time only.

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