Xbox Series X – Microsoft’s Pricing Plans: A Reason To Be Concerned

Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console will be launched later this year, and it looks like it will pack some serious power.

The company recently revealed additional details about the console, confirming some leaks and suspicions regarding the technology under the system’s hood.


In the days before the console’s big reveal, Microsoft executive Phil Spencer spoke about potential monetization options for the Xbox brand.

Spencer said:

“I think for us as an industry, we should embrace monetization dexterity because I think it leads to the best creativity.”

“We need to find new players, and new forms of monetization to open up those new player bases and new ways to build games, new creativity; that’s a great path to growth, ” he added.

He gave an example of how a gamer might be in a taxi and watch an ad that allows them time to go and browse the internet. Spencer associated that with play to earn schemes, and he firmly believes that it can become a business model in games.

Who will be affected?

Monetization is widely spread in the world of mobile gaming. It is used by developers to make a game cheap (or even free) to play.

Spencer suggested that a monetization method shouldn’t necessarily be universal.

Unfortunately, subscription services like Xbox Game Pass will continue to get prioritized over time. We can only hope that they won’t impose buying other services to access all the features of a game as they did with Xbox Gold subscriptions.

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