5 Skills To Master In Classic WOW


WoW Classic brings back old mechanics different from the current World of Warcraft retail version. That means a return to old habits and skills.Here are some essential skills to learn for Vanilla WoW. These will help in every aspect, PvP, PvE, WoW Classic gold farming, questing, and more!

Strafe Kiting

World of Warcraft Strafe kiting is the equivalent of bunny hopping in FPS hot games. You strafe left and right as you jump, swinging the camera in the matching direction. The technique maintains distance from your target even as they move closer.

There are debates about changing keybinds. The answer is to follow your own preference. A and D, in their default setting, turns into strafing if you’re holding the right mouse button to turn the camera. However, rebinding keys may prove useful in situations where you need to strafe while looking at a specific thing. It also frees up easy to reach keys for skills. Just go with what you’re comfortable with.

Spatial Awareness

In detail, you have to know the layout of your location and the position of the classic wow monsters within. This is especially important in raids, as turning the wrong corner can result in a total party kill! Otherwise, you could be running into another group of mobs, which is a one-way ticket to the graveyard.

So study the layout of wherever you are. Memorize where the mobs spawn and stay or their patrol routes if they move. If you start early, by the time you get to raiding it will become second nature to you. It’s also one way to avoid becoming a Blizzard Entertainment Leeroy Jenkins.

Threat Management

This is for spellcasters or high DPS characters who are used to rushing in and dealing with damage without any regard for possible threats. Simply put, any damage you deal generates aggro toward your character. When enough of it has been built up, the boss/creature it is will start to target you. It doesn’t really matter in retail, but it’s important in Classic WoW.

If you rush in and start racking up damage, your party’s tank will have more difficulty trying to overcome the threat you’ve built up. You can only either die or run. Some add-ons can help you with managing this. Use one, and watch your threat.

Target Micromanagement

Crowd control is more important in World of Warcraft Classic than it is in retail. You’re going to have to actively click or press tab to target mobs in the middle of battling. If you’re a healer, targeting allies also get into the mix. Practicing multitasking and keeping track of targets, buffing allies, and keeping enemies debilitated.

It’s an all-around skill that will boost your efficiency in battle.

Gadget Use

Use your engineering gadgets or found trinkets! Whether in PvP or PvE, these little items have a use. With certain class skills, you can even swap them out mid-battle so you can rotate through available ones in your inventory. They’re like extra skills with longer cooldowns. In emergencies, it can save your life or give opportunities to turn the tables.

Practice using them so you can figure out timings and learn to see opportunities for their use.


These five skills will make your WoW Classic experience easier. Mastering them will make much of the endgame content a breeze. While your experience may vary, your party will surely appreciate you not pulling extra mobs while trying to run away or taking aggro from the tank.

Be sure to practice and enjoy the game!

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