New Minecraft Update Download Available with Bees, Honey Farming and Fixes

Minecraft’s neverending worlds are joyful places to explore and over the years, the variety of mobs only got better and better, and now another new mob joins the game: Bees! They are a part of the 1.15 Minecraft Java Edition update. They are neutral mobs, peaceful just like in real life. The patch notes pretty much describe how real-life bees behave and explain that they were added to the game.

Mojang’s description

Mojang says that Minecraft’s bees are cute and fuzzy and they will only hurt players when provoked. They love flowers and live their lives by gathering pollen, helping players’ crops grow. They hate rain and in case they sting a player, they die and don’t drop anything at all, and it’s always the player’s fault that they end up dead.

Bee related items

It makes sense that bees need nests and beehives to survive and thrive, and those are two main components of the new update. These also host honey.

Nests will spawn naturally around the world and if a bee goes from a  flower to a nest, the level of honey in that nest will increase until it reaches level five.

Hives are nests that are constructed by players. They are made out of honeycomb and wood. Building some of those in tandem with a garden will boost the productivity of both parties.

A new item, the honey bottle, allows players to collect honey to drink or craft into sugar, and the new dispensers provide easy collection, filling and honeycomb shearing.

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