Fire Emblem​: Three Houses​ Offers Incredible Visuals on Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical, strategic RPG game that provides gamers with an in-deep heat battle experience. The title is now boosting forward with new sequel additions thanks to the extra power Nintendo Switch comes with.

The game gives that extra many other games don’t when you find at the core of the battle. The amount of strategy and tactics needed is sometimes too much for some players, especially when playing in classic mode. What this means is that if the character dies, the game is also gone. However, the title allows you to keep the characters who fall in a casual setting.

When compared to the earlier Fire Emblem​ games, the decision to go for the Switch has meant that it offers the best visuals in the franchise thus far. The graphics are not at the level of many other games on the market, mainly because of its limitations on the Nintendo hardware, but it offers a pretty incredible view.

Those who have played Fire Emblem​ before, know that the game is missing a rather important feature: the depth in the social and relationship aspects. Earlier games had more profound romance modes, which is one of the most essential options for most fans.

The narrative of the game is definitely at variance with romance, but it does seem somewhat discordant when compared to other games’ stories in the franchise.

Fortunately, the variety of options and forking paths in the story offer a decent amount of entertainment and makes it easy to replay it multiple times. With the option to select one of the Three houses and numerous other endings, the game is offering quite a lot to dig in.

Fire Emblem​: Three Houses came to the series with delightful additions, and even though social aspects of the title definitely seem like are missing, the title offers a pretty good story, enhanced graphics, and a still captivating strategic gameplay.

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