PES 2020 Could Dethrone FIFA in 2020

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a video game series developed and published by the Japanese company Konami. Yearly, Konami launches a new PES game, and this year’s version threatens to take FIFA’s place as the best most popular soccer game out there.

Right now, PES 2020 Demo version is available, and it has an exciting feature that could capture the attention of many players before the release of the full game. PES 2020 offers an Online Mode, which will surely be appreciated by players. Even more, the game offers great mechanics that greatly improve the experience.

The latest move made by the Japanese company could crush EA Sports FIFA. PES is now the official partner of the UEFA Euro 2020 competition. The themes and the stadiums included in the game are fully licensed, which means that PES 2020 will offer a much more realistic experience than FIFA.

In addition, Konami managed to obtain the licenses of many popular soccer teams, starting with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus and more. Messi and Ronaldo are also licensed on PES.

Konami decided to make a few changes to their marketing approach in order to bring their product amongst the most popular soccer games in the world. First, the company decided to give a new name to its next game. Now PES will be named e-Football. Next, Konami worked on improving their game mechanics, so now PES has an engine that makes the gameplay look a ton more realistic than FIFA.

PES includes several exciting features, such as:

Career Mode

Fans can now choose between the Player and Manager career paths. Both modes have unique features, like signing cutscenes, Press conferences, Awards ceremonies, and more. These additions make the game even more realistic and fun to play.

Lobby UI

Compared to FIFA’s plain UI that does not appeal the users, PES offers a complex Lobby UI, with customized sections and color schemes.

Finesse Dribble

This is one of the major changes made to the game. The developers worked on making the dribbling more enhanced and user-oriented.

Dummy Kick

Konami improved the dummy moves, as previous versions of the game did not offer complex movement and realistic dynamics. Now, players can make more dummy moves without the risk of losing the ball.

Better Ball Physics

Another great improvement is in the ball control department. The first contact with the ball is now enhanced, and passes can be made faster than ever.

Summing everything up, it is clear to see that this PES version is greatly improved compared to previous titles and it is also fully licensed. We can’t wait to see the full version of PES 2020.

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