League of Legends & TFT Updates: New Game Modes, Borders for TFT, and The Fate of 9.17 – 9.20+ Patches

League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics players are in for a treat the next patches. According to Riot’s design director Meddler, more game modes will show up next year, but ARURF will definitely make a comeback until the end of 2019.

Let’s check out more details about what’s to come in the next patches for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Future Game Modes

Meddler explains in his post on the Dev Corner that we’ve seen less temporary modes this year because of the work put into TFT, but they’ll surely get back to bringing back special modes during large events. He also noted that most of the future events would be a variation of the existing gameplay, instead of a larger deviation from the base LoL because they hype died pretty fast:

“Looking at how past modes have performed we’ve generally seen that players tend to play the most in modes that are fun variations on existing gameplay (e.g. One for All, ARURF, the ARAM events, Hexakill etc are SR/ARAM with a twist). It’s likely we’ll mainly be exploring options like that as a result. Modes that deviate significantly more from base LoL (e.g. Project: Overcharge or Dark Star) do generate a lot of initial excitement. Their play rate then plummets extremely quickly though. We’d rather spend time working on things players will enjoy for longer, hence that choice of focus.”

Before the end of this year, ARURF will come back, and new modes will show up next year.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics players will be able to win specific borders exclusive for TFT to show players’ achievements in TFT:

“Longer term our plan is to make some TFT specific art to both better match the tone of the mode and make it clearer where someone earned a particular rating.”

The Future for Incoming Patches: 9.17 – 9.20+ Context

Patch 9.17

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in Patch 9.17. Aatrox, Akali and Garen changes will not show up in the patch.

Patch 9.18

Akali and Aatrox pulled from 9.17 will be tested again. For Akali and Aatrox, the balance team will focus on small mechanic changes that should improve solo queue and nerf pro play.

Teemo QoL stuff will also be added in 9.18.

This patch should be small so that preseason is stable enough.

Patch 9.19

This patch will have Worlds so changes in SR will only be small and we’ll see reactive balance changes if needed.

Patch 9.20+

Shaco and Garen will see some changes in SR, for a “focus more towards a mixture of solo queue driven work,” Meddler adding that “the SR team will also be spending a lot of their time getting preseason changes ready.”

Updating Some Items in Preseason

Riot’s SR team is looking forward to updating some items in the preseason, such as Edge of Night. They’re thinking of changing “the spellshield on it to a Banshee’s Veil one (refreshes every X seconds while out of combat instead of having it come from a channeled active.” Players can share their feedback on the EoN in Meddler’s post.

We’re getting ready for Patch 9.17 which goes live next week. Check out more news, and updates on League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

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