Surface Pro 7 Release Date Rumors, Price, Specs, And More

Fans are excited about the release of the Surface Pro 7. There is more hype being generated on the upcoming device when compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 or the Surface Go. There are, of course, rumors about the patents, projections, and upgrades to the device. The Surface devices have not changed much over the years, but here’s what we know about the new one.

Surface Pro 7 Release Date

Autumn is typically when electronics manufacturers release their products, while some prefer launching in wintertime for the holiday season. Microsoft is no exception as they usually hold presentations with the press and launch their products starting from September onwards. It is being speculated that the Surface Pro 7 will launch on October 2019.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Price

Everybody wants to know about the price tag when it comes to Surface Pro 7. Electronics are becoming more numerous, but the prices are somehow going up on most of them. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is no exception. It is being said that the basic version of the device will run customers about $900. This does not include the keyboard or the Surface Pen.

Surface Pro 7 Design Upgrade

When it comes to smart devices and laptops, manufacturers focus on making products thinner and more streamlined. Microsoft has put some attention in the kickstand of the device, making for more comfortable use. It has been reported that it has a quality feel to it that transfers to the device itself.

Users can expect an overall lighter device with noticeable changes with the keyboard and the body. There are reports of a circuit board touch-pad integration, but this needs to be confirmed.

Surface Pro 7 CPU

The previous model incorporated a quad-core processor but not the latest Intel Whiskey Lake model. Users are expecting some better gear on the new Surface Pro 7 model, probably something like the Intel Ice Lake CPU. It has excellent performance, but it’s also kind of a battery consumer.

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