Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Be Available With Pokemon Global Link Service

For all the fans out there and connoisseurs, these won’t be the most important news. How Pokemon Sword and Shield decided to take a step back and how much it will affect us, we will find out up next.

It’s been a while since Pokemon Black and White has been available on the DS. All the players out enjoyed participating at many online challenges, and then they were even able to check out their ranking on the Pokemon Global Link. It was all excellent and flawless until some significant issues suddenly appeared. Fans started to question their future on the game.

Pokemon Global Link was the best online place for all the Pokemon challenges until the company officially announced a significant change. They actually confirmed the fact that they will not let the Sword and Shield version for Switch, to use the Pokemon Global Link. The news resurfaced at the 2019 Gamescom, and the fact that the next Pokemon games won’t support the online website saddened all the game lovers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Be Available With Pokemon Global Link Service

The Pokemon developers, however, came with a statement that showed one of the reasons for their decision. They explained the fact that most of the Global Link’s way of functioning is being put into the games’ themselves through the amazing Battle Stadium. This will let players chose the usual online challenges and participate. They will also get permission to engage in Ranked fights.

The developers gave further details about the introduction of some services equivalents for Online Competitions and the Rating Battle, as well. Even if the PGL doesn’t support this, the challenges will be available by using the connectivity options of Nintendo Switch.

For Global Link’s features, there will be some improvements, such as the way to check up your rank through a cloud storage option. This feature will also let players keep their monsters from Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Bank and others, too. The Pokemon Company also showed an incredible preview of the Sword and Shield, introducing the region of Galar, in a more detailed manner. New Pokemon Abilities will be ready as well, and the held items will appear in the titles.

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