Nvidia Takes Its GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Feature To Android Devices

The great news is probably making all the gamers out there, thrive ultimately. Such feature and move from Nvidia represent a whole new perspective for the developers, as well. How much we will have to wait for this and which will be the real benefits, we are going to find out up next.

An image depicting a Microsoft xCloud app on the phone, which streams Halo resurfaced and left us in total awe. The Android phone used a remote internet server developed by some AMD GPUs. Such a thing represents a real innovation for Microsoft and Android as well.

Also, Google happily made official its intervention by bringing its Stadia cloud gaming system. The devices which will benefit from this feature will be the Google Pixel ones. The AMD-powered servers will also help this happen, being its primary source.

Nvidia Takes Its GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Feature To Android Devices

All of these stirred up the Nvidia developers, a fact that made them announce something massive. The so well-known and appreciated graphics company announced that it will change the future of GeForce Now cloud gaming system to Android devices. And they promised that they would make it happen real soon, too, with interventions from Samsung and LG.

Taking us by storm, Nvidia didn’t sadly, told us a possible release date, not even a price. The only thing that they considered essential to announce was that all the users will get a chance of a free trial for GeForce Now. And if things weren’t already fabulous, they also announced that the GeForce Now will be available in a beta version, right from the beginning.

Other details include tips for a better mobile experience, such as using a proper gamepad, Nvidia highly recommending a Bluetooth type (SHIELD controller, Razer or Glap). Also, whether if it will be available for LTE or 5G mobile connections is another unknown thing.

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