Opera Mini 44.1.2254.142088 Beta Is Available With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Opera Mini could be an excellent solution for your online browsing need on Android. We have selected the Opera Mini as the best browser for Android 2.3 and above. It has been developed to be a lite version of the regular browser for devices that can’t support advanced components. Now, Opera Mini 44.1.2254.142088 Beta launched with improvements and bug fixes.

Easy to use on your low- or mid-range Android devices

Budget phones and tablets will benefit from running Opera Mini as the browser is low on RAM and battery consumption. So, it won’t cause your device to lag, freeze or die due to a drained battery. Most full-sized browsers, even mobile ones, are taxing to the operating system, especially the RAM.

Despite being a bare-bones browser, the UI on the app is quite pretty, and the experience is user-friendly. There are fewer options, but there is also less clutter and hassle. The newest version of Opera Mini is currently in beta, but it is bringing out some new features.

Opera Mini Features

  • Saving Mobile Data – The mobile browser boasts a whopping 90 percent data economy. This means you will use up less MB on your data plan. But you will also experience faster loading speeds.
  • Blocking Ads – There is a built-in ad blocker that is supposed to let you browse the web without being assaulted by thousands of ads. No ad blocker could be 100 percent optimal, but this one should be above decent.
  • Recommended News – Opera Mini works much the same as Chrome or news apps. You choose what topics you’re interested, and your news feed will only contain those. Your browsing history usually pops up recommended articles.
  • Download Videos – The majority of online content comes in video form nowadays. Be it entertainment, news, or education. So, save your favorite videos directly into Opera Mini for later use. A feature that is severely lacking in other mobile browsers.

Opera Mini 44.1.2254.142088 Beta launched with improvements

The latest Opera Mini 44.1.2254.142088 Beta rolled out with some improvements and bug fixes. You can test the new Beta version by signing up as an Opera Mini beta tester. Additionally, you can probe Opera Mini 44.1.2254.142088 Beta by downloading it as an APK file.

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