Battlefield 6: Modern Military or Vietnam Vintage?

The last few games in the Battlefield franchise had a more historic focus rather than emphasizing aspects of the modern military. Fans have been split with their preferences and appreciation but most of them seemed to favor Battlefield 3.

This game was liked for its gameplay mechanics as well as its storyline. The modern military aspect of war games seems to be attracting fans, so maybe Battlefield 6 should give fans more of the same.

War game competition

There is competition for the Battlefield series but this does not mean other games are perfect. Fans have also criticized Call of Duty in recent times but it’s looking like the upcoming game in the franchise will fix many mistakes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set for a reboot. The game will go back to basics and reuse elements from past installments that fans loved.

Game Mechanics

The 21st century is dominated by one thing in particular. Speed. People are impatient and gamers are no exception. Especially gamers that like war games or shooters. The mechanics that need to be implemented with historic wars are supposed to be accurate.

This means way less mobility and the requirement of patience from gamers. Younger players, in particular, do not like these two aspects. So, Vietnam era weapons and tech could spell disappointment for the fans of the series.

Battlefield 6 and Vietnam

There are many reports that the next Battlefield game will take place with the Vietnam War in mind. Some gamers will like the idea, some will not. But the devs might be playing with the idea of reintroducing Bad Company 2, as this should appease most fans.

Battlefield 6 Release Date

There is no information whatsoever at this time. No announcements, no trailers, nothing. But the educated guess is that the release date for Battlefield 6 will be sometime in 2020, as the franchise is on pause this year.

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