iOS 12 Jailbreak Version 12.3 – Unc0ver Upgrade Available

We have written this article because we wanted to give you the latest updates on iOS 12 jailbreak and also on the 12.3 version. Keep reading if you want to find out all about it.

The new 12.3 version

We have received two reports about the iOS 12 jailbreak and we want to give you more details about it.

The iOS 12 will run 12.3 version as we expected, but there will be a catch. According to Business Times, the new version won’t run on the entire system. It will be available only for some beta builds.

Also, we don’t know for sure the release date of the fully working 12.3 version, but we’re expecting some news about it.

The unc0ver upgrade of the iOS 12 jailbreak

Also, we can tell you that the unc0ver jailbreak is updated now and it has been upgraded to the 3.3.0 version. It will be available on all of the devices equipped with A7 to A11 chips.

The developers worked very hard on the iOS 12.2 and 12.3 versions. The whole process was very hard. It’s not easy to come all the time with new improvements, but Apple’s team is used to that. The research team managed to find what it was looking for and to introduce the new and updated versions. We’ll wait and see what will be the reactions.

However, the new updates are not enough for Apple. The developers are already thinking about iOS 13. What we can say right now is that you’ll have to wait a little longer for it.

As for now, the iOS 12 jailbreak version 12.3 should be more than enough. That’s all we have so far about this topic. As soon as we find out more about it, we’ll come back with the new updates for you.

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