WoW Classic: Blizzard Continues Adding Servers, This Time for US

WoW Classic is so close to being launched, yet two weeks seem an eternity. Nonetheless, we have enough time to find old friends, guilds and prepare our leveling guides to start our journey back into the past, when things were simpler and tougher. Meanwhile, Blizzard knows the hype about WoW Classic is real and has released two more servers to make sure players will be able to play at launch and not wait in long queues to log into the crowded servers. Here are their announcements through the community managers’ forum posts.

New Realms: Stalagg – PvP [ET] for US & Gehennas – PvP [English] for Europe

Just a few hours ago, a new server for the US was announced:

“Due to very high demand, we will open a new WoW Classic realm for name reservations at 5:00 p.m PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT) today, Wednesday, August 14: Stalagg – PvP – Eastern Time.

The post also recommends players on Herod to consider create a character on the new realm to avoid high login queues at launch. The same announcement was released on August 14, for European players. On the WoW forums, a new server for Europe was announced:

“Due to extremely high demand, we will be establishing the following new WoW Classic realm at approximately 20:00 CEST (19:00 BST) on Wednesday, August 14: Gehennas – PvP – English.

Here are all the WoW Classic servers for all the regions that have been published so far – There are PvP, PvE, RP-PvP and RP realms for various regions.

US Realm for WoW Classic

PvE [Pacific]: Atiesh  /  Myzrael

PvE [Eastern]: Mankrik   /  Pagle

PvP [Pacific]: Fairbanks   /  Whitemane

PvP [Eastern]:  Faerlina   /  Herod  /  Thalnos  / Stalagg

RP [Eastern]: Bloodsail Buccaneers

RP-PvP [Pacific]: Grobbulus

Oceanic Realms for WoW Classic

PvE [Australian Eastern Time]: Remulos

PvP [Australian Eastern Time]: Arugal

Europe Realms for WoW Classic

English Realms

PvE: Mirage Raceway   /  Pyrewood Village

PvP: Gehennas   /  Golemagg   /  Shazzrah

RP-PvP: Zandalar Tribe

RP: Hydraxian Waterlords

French Realms

PvE: Auberdine

PvP: Sulfuron

German Realms

PvE: Everlook

PvP: Lucifron

Russian Realms

PvE: Хроми (Chromie)

PvP: Пламегор (Flamegor)

Have you chosen your server already? While many WoW players have already reserved their names and even had the time to create their characters, we must also take into account the rest of other players that didn’t really want to start their subscription two weeks earlier just to secure a name for their characters. This means the servers will be much more crowded than when they were flooded on August 13 for name reservations.

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