WoW Classic Servers: Blizzard Announces the Addition of a New Realm Today

There will be a new PVP server for WoW Classic, Blizzard listened to the high demand of the fans in Europe. Nonetheless, Blizzard was aware of the hype over WoW Classic and did note in an interview a while back that if the demand is indeed high, they will surely add more realms.

So, whoever wants to not wait in queues when WoW Classic releases on August 27 (20:00 CEST (19:00 BST)), they should join the recently new announced serverGehennas. If you have already reserved 3 character names, to get one on Gehennas, you will have to delete one of the previous 3 ones.

Queues at Release Won’t Compare to the Name Reservation Experience

When we all logged in on August 13 to reserve our names, we had to wait in huge queues, and just a few lucky ones were able to reserve their punny names. I was not one of them, so I had to be thankful for vowels with all sort of accents. After finally ‘securing’ the name ‘Sonía’ on the European PVP realm Golemagg, I headed to do the same for Shazzrah, again waiting in queues. Nearly an hour later, I was done with it – but at least I even had time to customize the characters since I had enough name options (with those accents).

Here are some thoughts about the queues at launch, what server we should choose in the end, and why.

How To Choose a Realm in WoW Classic?

  • Choose a server where your friends are – that’s what I’m doing.
  • If you don’t want to go for a PVP server because you hate being ganked, by all means, choose a normal one. However, where’s the fun in that?
  • If you think of choosing a crowded server just in case the hype dies off later on, the issue is that in the beginning, all PVP servers will be crowded and you won’t know which one will see a downfall in population. A downside of crowded realms is the fight for resources and queues at log-in.
  • Some popular streamers might prefer a certain realm – learn about their choice of realm and choose or avoid it (some people would avoid it because of the hundreds of fanboys following that streamer, others want to choose it for the special events).
  • Most people have reserved a character name on each PVP realm, but on 27 August, they will have to decide what server they finally choose to play on, so we don’t know yet which of the PVP realms will be more crowded than the others.
  • And finally, stop complaining about the realm names, there’s an official WoW Classic, be thankful it’s finally here.

Have fun and get ready to have a tough time in WoW Classic after having all the commodities in the current WoW version!

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