Chrome 77 Beta: New Welcome Screen, New Tab Customization, and More

The Chrome 76 is upgrading with hasty steps to a newer version, Chrome 77, and the beta testing has started for quite some time. Any user that has the Chrome beta client can update it to version 77 and test the latest features in store. Noticeable features like a new welcome screen, more customization option for tabs, and the potential introduction of Google Assistant on many more Chromebooks are present in Chrome 77 beta.

Customize Your Browser

The welcoming experience on Chrome has been a priority for Google for some time now, and it is finally taking fruition with the upcoming Chrome 77 beta version. The changes go way further in the single-page welcome screen, the browser inviting you to “Make Chrome your own.”

The customization will allow users to create bookmarks for Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps, and then you can sync those and share them between multiple devices through Chrome. The browser will now have tools to personalize your experience by uploading a picture in the background of your New Tab page, customize your shortcuts, and even your “color theme.”

The Colour and Theme aren’t fully available as of now, yet they can be turned on with flags. The following flags will be required to be turned on:

  • chrome://flags/#ntp-customization-menu-v2
  • chrome://flags/#chrome-colors-custom-color-picker

Regarding flags, Google wants to take them out with Chrome 77. Flags have been known of existing for the sole purpose of enabling features that are in the testing phase or modify Chrome’s behavior. Google also stated that these changes would not impact the user experience, the way of replacing them is through policies.

Google Assistant on More Chromebooks

The code that is included in the Chrome 77 beta version suggests that more Chromebooks will get Google Assistant, as of now being available only on the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. The latest project Chrome is working on is the “Contact Picker API,” which will give the right to users to pick specific entries on their list of contacts, the details being shared with the websites becoming limited.

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