Windows 11 Latest Ideas – Should We Expect It?

Many people are wondering whether Microsoft is working on Windows 11 or the next Windows that will run on the devices of the future. Even though Windows 10 May update 2019 has just arrived on users’ devices, it seems that developers from Redmond are already working on Windows 11, Windows Lite or whatever they are planning to call the new operating system that will be a successor the already famous and reliable Windows 10 operating system.

Hard work & success

Windows 10 is considered successful even though it did not rise to the reputation of Windows 7 or the legendary Windows XP, it’s obvious that Windows 10 is Microsoft’s triumph after Windows Vista and the two attempts of Windows 8, which all had very short life spans.

Windows 10 received continuous updates over the course of its existence but at some point Microsoft will just have to take a step forward and release a new operating system.


Rumours say that the new Windows will be called Windows 11 or Windows Lite. Vice president of the device sales division of Microsoft, Nick Parker detailed some characteristics of Microsoft’s next gen operating system and how the new system will adapt to the future needs of users.

Parker doesn’t mention that the new features will be added to Windows 10 too, so this might mean that a new operating system is definitely on its way.

The new Windows will adapt to the device it runs on, so a 2 in 1 device, a tablet, a desktop PC or laptop will all provide different Windows experiences.

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