‘System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition’ Might Come Out Soon

For all the System Shock 2 fans out there, this will come as the greatest news ever, even if they are still waiting for a full remake version of the first game in the series. Developers, however, succeeded once again to bring some new features for one of the most expected revivals. News on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition emerged online.

System Shock 2 met the world for the first time in 1999 when its developer Ken Levine decided to give the world another perspective of outer space. He chose Looking Glass Studios and Irrational Games as co-founder and they successfully started on a journey of brave survival of the cyberpunk horror alternative world.

Players and true connoisseurs of the game set their mind on a revival for the first game in the series, but instead of that, they will be rewarded with a brand-new System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. The news isn’t disappointing, as the fans out there still want to put their hands on the latest release.

‘System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition’ Might Come Out Soon

The first game already received a revamped version a few years ago, in 2015, edition that actually represented an intervention of the Looking Glass developers. The game gave full support for one of the remappable systems, higher resolutions and a way of mouselook.

Unfortunately, the game did not represent a full remaster as fans expected, but it still gave a nice experience, as the game was available to play on some modern devices, because of its HUD removal.

On August 12, the Nightdive Studios took fans by storm with their newest announcement on an upcoming System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. News that probably wasn’t expected at all, because of the uncertain future of the System Shock series. However, the announcement was very well received, developers explained how they will prepare a System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. Nighdive didn’t show any gameplay previews of the remaster, but we believe them that the launch will happen anytime soon!

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