Google Chrome To Receive A New Search Bar In The New Tabs Page

Google probably has the most popular web browser on the planet. Chrome is a user-friendly program that is also very intuitive. It’s great for users that like to be organized but also enjoy customization. Access to the web store allows for various themes and plugins to be installed to make the experience better.

Chrome is a no-nonsense browser that performs well. It gives you the tools to perform your searches and other tasks without cluttering the UI. Google’s many other services like the translator, maps, and Drive are seamlessly incorporated into the browser.

The user experience in Chrome is very pleasurable as your past search results will dictate how the browser will prepare new content for you. This will come in the form of dedicated search recommendations and article recommendations on the new tab page. But there is one issue that the browser is now tackling.

New Chrome Search Bar And Accessibility Issues

The user experience will soon be improved. Google will address the lack of function of the search bar that appears whenever you open a new tab. This is just for convenience or decoration, as any search query that you type in it gets immediately transferred into the URL bar.

The fake search bar causes more issues than it is worth. It is reportedly violating accessibility policies. Meaning that it shifts the user focus to the URL bar, even before the search query is typed. Another similar issue comes when fullscreen mode is activated when opening a new tab. When this is done, the user is directed to the URL bar to type something.

The behavior has been deemed as counterintuitive, as Google prefers a more fluid approach in Chrome. By actually letting the user decide how the experience will happen. Google is very hard on third-party developers, so it has to be as hard on itself.

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